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Welcome to Angelina Jolie daily! This community is a picture community inspired by the likes of ewan_daily and rightclicklick. It is your source for Angelina Jolie pictures!

Feel free to join the community. Anyone is allowed to post pictures. But first, please look over the


1. First and foremost: this is a picture posting community. Feel free to discuss Angelina's current or past projects, or promote other Angelina related communities, but make sure every post has a picture of Ms. Jolie. If your post does not contain a picture, it will be deleted without notice. Angelina icons, wallpapers, banners, etc. ARE acceptable.

2. NO HOTLINKING. Direct linking from other people's websites is bandwidth theft. Make sure you upload all pictures to your own server.

3. Please make sure you post large and/or multiple images are behind a cut tag.

4. Despite the popular belief about free speech, we don't care about your opinion if you're anti-Angelina. This is a FAN community. Any outright negative posts will be deleted without notice. If the post is thought to be spam or trolling, the post will be deleted, the member banned, and the post reported to LiveJournal.

5. Please post any nude/sexually risque pictures behind a warning cut. Any degrading or vulgar material will be deleted and reported to LiveJournal.

If you have any questions, contact your moderator, reddreams.

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